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TCS100 - Time Code Interface
TCS100 - Time Code Interface

Standard Features
- Accepts SMPTE / EBU or IRIG-B (modulated and unmodulated time code)
- Automatically determines time type and switches to the alternate source if time code is lost or if a problem is detected in the primary time code source
- Front panel switches allow manual selection of source A or B or automatic mode
- “Good” - “Fail” indication and selection status of each time code source and the changeover unit is shown with front panel LEDs
- An auxiliary A/B source can be switched along with the TC. This auxiliary switching is a relay contact and can be used to switch any low level control or signal source
- Internal alarms sound (can be disabled with jumpers) upon loss or failure of a source of TC or switcher unit
- A relay contact closure is provided for an external alarm
- Alarm can be reset from front panel
- Status and other system information is provided via a simplex (one way) RS-232, 9600 BAUD

Supported Time Codes
- SMPTE (30fps, 25fps, and 24 fps) - non-drop frame only
- IRIG-B (B0, unmodulated/pulse width modulated/dc level shift)
- IRIG -B (B1, 1kHz Amplitude Modulated)

I/O Connections
- Time code inputs: isolated BNC, unbalanced
- Time code output: isolated BNC, unbalanced
- Auxiliary switching via DB-9
- External alarm via DB-9
- DC input via 2.1mm oower connector

- Size: 3.8 x 10.4 x 14 cm
- Weight: 454g

- Case cover: off-white aluminum - Front/rear panel: clear anodized aluminum

- DC input (9-28 VDC)
- Includes wall-mount 24 VDC power supply - UL and CE listed
- Power consumption: < 6W

Operating Parameters
- Temperature: 0 to 60°C
- Humidity: Up to 90% (non-condensing)

- 5-year limited parts and labor warranty

- FCC, CE Marked, ROHS, ANSI

Rack mountable with RM4

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