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GMR Series GPS GNSS Options Basic Antenna
GMR Series GPS GNSS Options Basic Antenna

The GPS and GPS+GLONASS receiver options for the GMR Series of master clocks provide precision time reference based on satellite broadcasts, achieving Stratum 1 synchronization. PPS on-time output is locked to the top of each second. Three antenna options are available for both standard and mobile applications.

GPS Options GPS + GNSS Options
Satallites 12-channel, up to 12 satallites simultaneously, parallel 32-channel, up to 24 satallites simultaneously, parallel
Frequency L1, 1575 MHz L1, 1575 MHz and 1598-1606 MHz
Antenna Connector SMA Female SMA Female
RF Bias to Antenna 5 V DC, Center pin 5 V DC, Center pin
PPS 50 ms, TTL level, on-time leading edge 50 ms, TTL level, on-time leading edge
Accuracy ± 60 ns of UTC ± 15 ns of UTC

Standard Features
- Stratum 1 synchronization via satellite constellations
- Receive time signals from up to 24 satellites
- Accurate reference to within ± 15 ns of UTC
- PPS on-time output is locked to the top of each second
- NMEA-0183 messages on serial port output
- Provides most accurate external time source for GMR devices
- Compact antenna designs for portable applications
- Optional magnetic-mount or standard-mount antennas
- Antenna cable lengths up to 500 ft (152 m) available
- In-line surge arrestors and in-line GPS amplifiers available

- Type: Active, External
- Gain: 28 ± 2 dB
- Mount: Magnet/Adhesive
- Operating Temp.: -40° to 85°C (Up to 95% humidity)
- Voltage: 2.2-5V
- Polarization: Right hand circular
- Impendence: 50
- Connector: SMA Female
- Antenna Cable: Belden 8219 or equivalent
- Weight: 26g
- Dimensions: 39 x 49 x 15mm

- 5-year limited parts and labor warranty

- FCC, CE Marked, ROHS, ANSI

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